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8 Top Tips For Creating Pinterest Posts That Get Results

Before you start creating Pinterest posts, you need to know what your end goal is so that you can create the best possible content to accomplish it. The more time and effort you put into creating this content, the more likely you are to get the results you want on Pinterest and in other social media platforms. With these eight top tips for creating Pinterest posts that get results, anyone can learn how to make the most of their own social media marketing campaign.

1) Pin your best photos

Take the time to create a post worthy of a Pin. As you find and save images, scroll through them quickly to see if they are the best quality. If not, consider saving it for another pin or reconsider posting it at all. At least then you will know when you start adding information to your post (you’ll notice little link buttons within the pin) that the image is appropriate and related. You can also use apps like Tailwind to help with creating pinterest post; from analytics to audience building tools, it’s a must-have for anyone looking for more followers on Pinterest.

2) Always use pin-able quotes and text

Include quotes and text in your pins. Not only do they help make your post more visually appealing, but also give you plenty of content to work with as well. Including a quote or block of text in every pin can be time-consuming, but it’s a simple trick to draw attention to your pin and increase engagement at a very low cost. Try breaking down each quote into multiple pins by changing out just one word per pin: I love cheese because it tastes so good can become four separate pins—I love cheese because…it is delicious, it melts, it has so many options and It comes in flavors like tomato.

3) Pin relatable content

If you have an established brand or a company, chances are you already have content on your website or blogs. You can repin these images and make them available to pinterest users as well. However, it is important to remember to create relatable content for pinterest marketing and post creation for it to be repinned more often by other users. For example, if you sell personal care products, then pinning funny memes with dry shampoos might work better than pictures of models using your product. By relating your own post with something else that interests people on pinterest can help ensure its popularity among other users in a similar way and industry.

According to Entrepreneur, people in tech industries should post content related to technology and tips on how to make their work easier. These are likely to be relatable with pinterest users who are interested in these types of posts, thus ensuring popularity among other users who have similar interests. Some ideas could include pictures of tech gadgets and information about upcoming new technologies that would interest pinterest users who use your product or service in their line of work as well. 

If you want to attract followers, then you need to create relevant content using examples mentioned above. After all, no one likes bland images that do not engage them at all! Make your content catchy enough so that others will like it and re-pin it which helps create social proof around your brand or company thereby increasing its credibility which is one of basic strategies when starting a business from scratch.

4) Get to know your audience

One of your first and best steps to building an audience on Pinterest is getting to know your audience. What are they interested in? Where do they go online? One easy way to do this is through social listening. Take a look at what people are talking about in your niche, then take note of popular hashtags and relevant keywords to help you understand where your audience is online. One picture is worth a thousand words: Images are more likely to be shared than any other type of content on Pinterest, so consider including at least one image with every pin you create. If you’re posting multiple images, use them all together as part of one larger piece or feature one photo per pin.

5) Create great titles

If you’re going to invest time into building up a presence on Pinterest, you need to focus your efforts. You also want to make sure you have as much luck with your pins as possible. Great titles can help both of these things happen. First, they can grab attention and encourage users to click on your pins. More importantly, though, is how they will increase your repins. When someone repins something it’s because they like it—and thus support you! To be successful at Pinterest marketing, create great titles for your content. It’s important to include keywords in those titles but don’t go overboard.

6) Use relevant hashtags

You can use your targeted keyword as a hashtags. Don’t be panic, there have some tools are help you to generate hashtags. Where you find a bunch of relevant hashtags that have hundreds or thousands of uses (but not millions). Once you have a small collection of these hashtags, start posting to your boards and watching what happens.

7) Engage with your community

Interacting with other users on social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand on these platforms. While there are several ways to engage with others, such as commenting on their boards or following them back, repinning their content is probably one of the easiest and most powerful. When someone repins your content, they are essentially sharing it with their own community. This can be a huge win if you’re looking to expand your reach or increase your brand exposure. Here are some quick tips on how to find and engage with people who repin your stuff: Search related terms in hashtags: Type # followed by relevant search terms into Pinterest’s search bar, such as #marketing or #small business success stories.

8) Share ideas daily

Pin daily, share ideas daily and pin great tips, your images will look more professional. This is because pinterest will eventually group a lot of images together if you keep pinning things similar in content. The average pins start getting less eye-balls and you can lose traffic as soon as you get started. So avoid creating groups that might put your image down while searching through them. Remember to pin your best ideas daily, even if it’s an old idea from months ago or something silly like a funny cat image, share and pin everyday ideas to stay ahead of other creators when pinning on pinterest.


Creating great content on Pinterest takes practice. If you’re new to Instagram, don’t expect everything you create to go viral. With each pin and post, you’ll get better at crafting compelling messages and creating beautiful boards that people love to follow. Be patient with yourself as you hone your skills and be grateful for all of your loyal followers! Good luck!


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